Dog Park

Smith's Clove Park's Dog Park

Dog Park Information

Pets love to run and play off-leash at Smith's Clove Park's Dog Park! The dog park features a large fenced in area, which also includes a separate area for smaller dogs. The park is for residents of Monroe & registration is required.   Park is open from dawn until dusk.

The dog park is subject to closures due to winter weather conditions.  Please do not enter the dog park if the Park Manager closes  the facility.  Dog Park closures will be announced on the home page of the website.


How to Apply

- Download, complete, & sign the Dog Park Application & Liability Waiver
- Be sure to include your Park ID card number on the application.
- Include proof of your up-to-date Town of Monroe Dog License.

The dog park is available for use for free for all Residents of Monroe.  

Bring in person or mail to:
Smith’s Clove Park
133 Spring St.
Monroe NY 10950

Dog Park Rules

Welcome to Smith’s Clove Park’s Dog Park
Dog Park Rules and Regulations

All rules pertaining to Smith’s Clove Park, also pertain to this Dog Park

You are entering an off-leash dog park; enter at your own risk

  1. Dog owners/guardians must accept full responsibility for themselves, their children/guests and their dog(s) while in the park.
  2. Owners must carry a leash at all times. Please leash and unleash your dog inside the double-gated holding area. Never carry your dog into the Dog Park.
  3. Never open more than one gate at a time. If an owner and his/her dog(s) are in the holding area, stand outside and wait for him/her to enter or exit.
  4. Dogs must first be registered with Smith’s Clove Park prior to using this facility. Properly registered dog’s owner will receive a confirmation card to carry while in the dog Park.
  5. Dogs showing aggression towards people or other animals must be immediately removed from the park by the owners/guardians
  6. Owners should not leave their dogs unattended or allow them to be out of their sight.
  7. An adult must accompany minor children.
  8. Parents should refrain from bringing toddlers or small children into the park, Please remember this is a Dog Park and not a playground for children.
  9. Children should not run with the dogs or chase them while in the park.
  10. Puppies under four months of age are prohibited, as they are not yet protected from diseases.
  11. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Waste disposal bags and trashcans are provided.
  12. Owners must stop dogs from digging and immediately fill holes.
  13. The number of dogs per person is limited to three (3). No commercial dog services.
  14. Dogs in heat will not be allowed inside the park.
  15. Separate areas for large and small dogs are designated, please adhere to those guidelines.
  16. This is a partial listing; please refer to the “Dog Park Rules and Regulations” you received when you registered your dog.