Volunteer Opportunities

Adults: If you have a few hours to spare

Interests: Arts, Children, Community Development, Education, Recreational Activities/Sports, Youth Services

Do you have a passion? We’ve got a place for you. Join an advisory board, plant a community garden, teach a sport or a life skills, assist in community events or help plan for the future.

Many volunteers get involved for reasons having to do with their personal growth:

· “Wanted to gain work experience and learn new skills.”

· “Like meeting new friends and being involved.”

· “Felt I could show leadership.”

· “It made me feel needed.”

· “Do it because this lets me have fun.”

Many volunteers get involved for reasons having to do with their families:

· “Good way to spend time with my family.”

· “Wanted to set an example for my children.”

· “Wanted to get involved so that my children would have the benefit of a great park and park programs.”

A typical volunteer will experience a variety of motivations, ranging from the purely altruistic to the highly self-interested, and these motivations may change through the volunteering “career.”

Young Adults: Need Volunteer hours for:

· “a diploma.”

· “a resume”

· “a college application

or do you just want to add to the type of activities in Smith’s Clove Park?

Join our Teen Advisory Board

Interested in being a Volunteer, call Joe at 783-9108 our submit an application

Teen Advisory Board Application

Adult Volunteer Application