Get your Park ID

2022 SCP ID Form

Our busy season is starting don’t get turned away needlessly
If Your ID has Expired it is renewable by mail anytime don’t wait till you need to get into the Park or register for a program. You must submit the ID application, which is available in the Park Office or on line at and include a recent proof of residency* as defined on our web page.

Who needs to get a Smith’s Clove Park ID?
• Residents of the Village of Monroe and the unincorporated Town of Monroe
• 14 to 18 years old must apply with their parent/guardian. Minor must present a picture ID
• You must apply with a picture ID and your proof of residency* (driver licenses are not used as proof of residency for our purposes)


When Can I Get An ID? 

in March we start the Schedule for ID’s

IDs are issued to residents living in the Village of Monroe and the unincorporated Town of Monroe 14yrs old or over, at the Park Office inside Smith’s Clove Park. If you are applying for your first Park ID, you must appear in person to have your picture taken. ID’s are issued at no cost, but there is a $10 fee to replace lost, stolen or destroyed cards.

Who is eligible to get an ID?
*You must be a resident living in the Village of Monroe or the unincorporated Town of Monroe
*You must be at least 14 years old
*Under 18, you must apply with a parent or guardian with picture ID
*Designated caregiver for a minor child or special needs adult
Specific rules apply
Proof of Eligibility to be submitted with application
Picture ID
License, passport, school ID, or picture identification card and
♦Proof of Residency
Current Town, Village or School Tax bill in applicant’s name and property location and mailing address or the following provided I can verify the address:
Current utility bill associated with the property in applicant’s name and property location and mailing address or,
Signed rental agreement currently in affect for the property in the applicant’s name or

2 of the following documents mailed to the address in the applicants name:
Current signed rent receipt

Current payroll receipt
Current documents from a government agency
Current document from Monroe-Woodbury Schools
Current document from an education institution
Current Bank Statement

Expired ID Renewals

If you were 18 or over when you received your ID and it is now up for renewal, you may be eligible to renew by mail.

Download ID Registration Forms and Policy

All others must apply in personComplete ID Registration Form, Sign, include Proof of Residency (see above) and a self addresses stamped envelope and mail to:
Smith’s Clove Park 133 Spring St. Monroe NY 10950 Att. Joe
Acceptable Proof of residency (see above) You must establish proof of residency each time you renew your card.
Allow a week to 10 days for new ID to arrive after receipt of completed application and acceptable Proof of Residency. Applications are considered incomplete if sections 1 and 4 are not completed and Proof of Residency is not 1 of the aforementioned documents.