Calendar of Events


Fall daytime todder and preschool classes

Registration September 12 @ 6pm

Registration September 12*

Classes Start Sept 21, 2018 at No Charge Toddler and Pre-School
• Open Play w/ parent/caretaker: Wednesday Morning 9:45 to 11:05 up –5 yrs.
• Rec. Class w/o parent: Tuesday Mid-Morning 11:15 to 12:00 3½- 5 yrs.
• Preschool Class w/o parent/caretaker: Tuesday Afternoon 1:15-2:45 3½-5 yrs.
• Mommy & Me w/ parent/caretaker: Tuesday Morning 9:45-11:05 1-3yrs
• Art/Music Craft class w/ child: Wed. 11:15 to 12:00 2-5 yrs.
• My Little Chef w/o parent/caretaker: Wed. Afternoon 1:15 to 2:30 4-5½ yrs.
• My Time Play Time w/o parent/caretaker: Thursday 9:45-11:05 3½-4yrs
• Music and Movement w/ parent/caretaker: Thurs. Morning 11:15-12 1-3 yrs.
• The Nature of Things w/o parent/caretaker: Thurs 1:15 to 2:30 3½- 5 yrs.
• Baseballl Class w/o parent/caretaker: Friday 11 to 12pm 4-5yrs

After School Program Classes Start Sept. 24, 2018 at No Charge

**Wednesday Evening September 12, 2018 at Smith’s Clove Park**
Time: 6pm
Available to child of Park residents with Park IDs only
Applications distributed according to place in line
Child must be potty trained for drop off classes
If you miss registration, you can register in person at the Park as space permits up to September 17, 2018.
For a complete description of classes, go to or call Joe @ 783-9108



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Smith’s Clove Park

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ID Schedule for: 

August…….2nd Wednesday evening 6-7pm and…. 4th Monday 10-1pm and 6-7:30

September……….2nd Wednesday evening 6-7pm and…… 4th Monday  6-7:30

October………..2nd Wednesday evening 6-7pm and…. 3rd Monday 10-1pm and 6-7:30

November……….2nd Wednesday evening 6-7pm and…. 4th Monday 10-1pm and 6-7:30

Winter Months call for an appointment

Get your Park ID……….Don’t get turned away needlessly If Your ID has Expired it is renewable by mail or drop off anytime don’t wait till you need to get into the Park or register for a program.You must submit the ID application, which is available in the Park Office or on line at www.smithsclovepark.organd include a recent proof of residency* as defined on the web.Who needs to get a Smith’s Clove Park ID?· Residents of the Village of Monroe and the unincorporated Town of Monroe · 14 to 18 years old must apply with their parent/guardian. Minor must present a picture ID· You must apply with a picture ID and your proof of residency*(driver licenses are not used as proof of residency for our purposes) ID cannot be issued without the required information regardless of your living situation. During December to March ID’s call for an appointment.


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